FRONT YARD as viewed from within

LIVING RM large closet, exit door, large picture window with meadow view

BATH shower-tub with shelves and safety grab bar, cabinet, electric comfort heater, vent fan

Apartment  300

KITCHEN: gas range, double stainless sink, exterior venting fan, light bar, 10 cabinets, mirror backsplash

BED ROOM paneled, built in cabinets, closet

Unit  300

BACK YARD PIAZZA lawn furniture, shade trees, flowers, grape vine, grille area

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DINNING TABLE & 6 chairs

BATH basin, light bar, mirror cabinet

LIVING / STUDY ROOM pine paneling, carpet, 3 windows


4 huge south facing windows, pine paneled, tile floor, CO & fire detectors, fire sprinkler, refrigerator, optional furnishings